Divorce sucks!

Have you ever really stopped, sat down and taken a hard…long look at your life?  Well, two years ago I had not.  At that time in my life, I had thoughts that I should be doing bigger and better things.  But I never did anything other than what I considered “safe.”  I think I’m finally starting to realize that some risks just have to be taken.

When I was a little girl I dreamed of living some sort of amazing life, filled with love, and of course the fairy tale ending.  Like most young girls, I wanted the big wedding and to be swept off my feet by an amazing man who would give me my happily ever after.  But my story did not go as planned.  My dreams ended about two years ago in August 2012.

Life happens.  Isn’t that a quote we’ve all heard?  Well, life happened to me.  It stuck its cold fingers deep into my chest and ripped my heart out without even blinking an eye.  Luckily though, I think it was trying to teach me some sort of lesson.  So “life” left my heart in a jar, and put it on an end table next to my front door.  After a few years of clawing and crawling, I made it to that table and have found the piece of me that’s been missing.  I wish I had a better story to tell you, maybe something crazy about how I traveled the world and experienced all these amazing feats.  But mostly it’s about heart-break, building stronger relationships, and self-growth.

In 2012 I separated from husband, and a little less than a year later we were officially divorced.  Divorce, although I realize that it does happen, is not something I wish for anyone.  I’m the type of person that fully believes in “til death do us part.”  But my fairy tale did not pan out how I envisioned it.  I see now that it was for the best, it made me stop and think about everything in my life.  I know that because of that experience I am a better person than I was a couple of years ago.  I’m stronger, more loving, forgiving, honest, and not willing to settle!

I do have to say there is nothing that I regret about the years I spent married to my ex.  We just didn’t work together.  I don’t hate him; in fact I wish him all the best life can bring.  I can look back and say that we did share some really great times.  However, there were other times that were not so great.  Everyone has their own idea of how they felt they were treated in a relationship, and those ideas may not always be the same between the two parties.  Personally I never felt that I mattered, that nothing I did was ever good enough.  And not that it was just him making me feel that way.  I was very insecure; we all have our moments of feeling that way, right?  I mean, I was married, I had my Bachelor’s degree, but I had no job.  So to me it felt as if I wasn’t contributing to our “family.”  For some reason, I was being overlooked and every attempt I made failed.

In the last fight my ex and I had, I was told that maybe I wasn’t finding work was because the only job I’ve had was in a dental office.  But my thought was, “someone has to take a chance right?”  I am definitely not a stay at home, let the man work type of girl.  I wasn’t raised that way.  I grew up watching my mother and father work, trying their best to provide for their family, and equally doing their part to make things work.  I’ve always been taught that you rely on you; you don’t need someone else to “take care” of you, so to speak.

Back to my story, a month after we split up I got a call for an interview.  Finally!!!  That job, I got!  It was nothing fancy, and in a world completely foreign to me.  But I had a job, and I was going to do everything I could to keep it.  So off to the land of retail I went.  Not sure why I had never done retail, because after working there for a short time I realized that it fit me.  I love connecting with people, and helping people.  It made me happy to go to work and put a smile on someone’s face.

Fast forward to now, I’m still in retail and an assistant manager for another store.  I love it, and my customers love me!  Do I think I will be in retail for the rest of my life?  Who knows? But I do know that I get to make other women feel good about themselves, and give them confidence.  That is something that I struggled with for so long.  I still have my moments, but I am a better person now than I have ever been in my entire life.  Maybe it has to do with the people I have met over the past two years, or the relationships I’ve built and improved on, or maybe it is just me evolving.

However you look at it, I am grateful for everything that I’ve been through.  I have laughed, cried, became weirder, dated, loved, and smiled more than I could ever imagine in the past two years.  All of it has given me a deeper faith, taught me to love deeper and wholeheartedly, and to never…ever give up on myself!  I know I will fall in love again, and finally have my happy ending.  It’s not always going to be pretty and I may even get hurt again.  But I do know that once I find my soul mate (yes, I believe in that), it is going to be the most terrifyingly beautiful experience of my life.  Until then I’ll continue on my path.  I know now that I was placed on this earth to help people.  I don’t know in what context yet, but every day I am reminded that I can make a difference in someone’s life.  And most times it only takes the tiniest of effort, even if it’s just a smile!

Until next time…


Revlon Expression Experiment and Makeup Tutorial

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hi all!

As you may have read I had to take some time off to deal with personal issues, but now I am back.  So I thought I’d come back with something fun, and what better way to do that than with makeup!  I’ve done a tutorial before with products some of you may not know about, but this time it features Revlon products, and I know you’ve heard of Revlon, right?

Last week I had to opportunity to review a couple of Revlon products, including an eye shadow palette and one of their lipsticks.  I’ve used a few Revlon products in the past and still use their nail polish, so being able to try these out was fun!

Revlon_logo_Black_largerR[1].jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)

Here is what I received…


Revlon Colorstay 16 hour eye shadow palette, in Bombshell

Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick, in Fire & Ice

I must say when I first opened the lipstick I was slightly shocked because 1. I don’t wear lipstick, and 2. I am not a red person- at all!  So when I saw it I thought “Oh My!”  But after I applied all the makeup and added the lipstick, I liked it.  I feel that red is one of those classic colors that can really make you pop, and stand out from the crowd.  Well to get started with the tutorial, I decided to go with the way it says to apply the eye shadow on the back of the case.  And here is how it went…


-The lightest shade is the “highlight” color, and I brush that over my entire eye and onto my browbone.

-The light gray shade is the lid color, and I brushed it over my lid up to my crease.

-The yellow shade is the accent color, and I put that in the outer corners of my eyes, the case says this is to “create drama.”

-Last, the darkest shade is the contour or crease color, and I applied it to just my crease.

Here is the look that resulted from those guidelines…


Sounds simple, right?  Well it was super simple, and came out pretty great.  Looking at myself in these pictures and then in some other iPhone pictures later in the day, it almost seemed like the color got more intense over time.  I know when I first applied it I did not think that the shadows were very pigmented, but after seeing myself in a different light I realized the were.  Except for the yellow, I thought that it needed to be a little brighter to stand out on my skin.  But one someone else it may pop!

Here is the look with the very red lipstick…


Don’t you love it?  I loved it!  So now about how the makeup lasted.  The eye shadow say “16 hour,” and I think I might agree with that.  I didn’t wear it quite 16 hours, but I did wear it for a significant length of time.  The shadows lasted very well, and did not seem to crease.  I did however us a eye primer (revlon has a makeup primer as well) before I applied the shadow.  I’ve found that primer allows for smoother application, and the shadow seems to stay in place.  As for the lipstick, it was light, smooth, and didn’t feel cakey on my lips.  I can’t stand when I have heavy stuff on my lips, so this lipstick was nice.  It did seem to smudge and wear off at times if I accident touched my lips against something.  And that made it look faded after a while.  But when I first put it on I liked it, and it gave my lips a little shine!

I can say that I’d recommend both of these products to at least try, you might like them.  It’s a great time to do it, since Revlon is doing an “Expression Experiment” right now.  And with that they are encouraging women to “prove that beauty is anything but routine.”  They want women to try something new and step outside their comfort zone.  I can say I definitely did that with this look, especially with the hot lips!  I think it’s fun to try something new every once in a while, and I think I may ever do a red lip again…gasp!

exp_exp_logo.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)

You all can join in on the Revlon Expression Experiment yourselves, by visiting the link and clicking “get started.”  It’s a Facebook app that let’s you view monthly makeup challenges, see what others are doing, and also join in on the action.  It’s a tool that can be used just for fun, and it may even supply those of you that are bloggers a project to do every month.  All in all, I had fun doing this and would gladly try a new style each month.

I hope you enjoyed my first post back.  Let me know in a comment what you thought about my look, and I’d love to see your own looks that fit your style!

Until next time…


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Taking A Break

Hi all!

Usually I’ve never announced my small absences, but this time I felt it was needed. I may around elsewhere on the web, but due to some personal issues I need to take a break. I love my readers and I’m so thankful for you all who stop in to read. I will be back soon, and hopefully back with more recipes and DIY projects.

Thanks in advance for understanding.
Until next time…

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday! Randomness

Hi All!

Hope you all are enjoying the summer.  We’re finally in August, and that means school will be starting back up soon.  But that hasn’t stopped this heat from beating down.  Oh man has it been hot here in California.  The past couple of weeks have been filled with activities for me and the hubby though.  It started with a lake trip for a couple of days, and that was awesome!  My hubs is not the outdoor type, yet he got out in the lake and even rode a jet ski!  That was interesting considering there were 3 of us on the thing, a few sketchy moments but we worked it out.  This past weekend was somewhat of a family trip.  My sister in law had to pay up on a bet she made with my hubs, so there was a group of us that attended a Giants game in San Francisco.  It was a great weekend with family and friends!

Well enough about me, lets get to what Wednesday is for…Pins!  Of course I’m linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple as always.  I usually do a theme, but this week I’m feeling kind of random.





How funny is this!?!


Seriously awesome woman!




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Well that is all the pins for this week.  If you need an invite to pinterest let me know in a comment, and make sure you include your email address.  Hope you enjoyed the pins, and don’t forget to head over to The Vintage Apple and check out what others are pinning.  If you have a blog, go link up!  You can find my pins and boards here.

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