Weddings and Registries

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Well it’s about that time of year again, it is what I like to call “wedding season.”  The time of year when the weather changes from cold to warm/hot, and it seems like everyone decided to get married at the same time.  Well this year some lucky brides will have the opportunity to try out a brand new type of registry.  An Etsy wedding registry!  How awesome is that?  I know all those DIYers are excited about it.  If you’re having a handmade wedding, why not keep up the theme with handmade and vintage items for your home.


When I first saw this I said “Say What?,” and I was a little sad that this feature wasn’t around for my wedding.  Etsy has given their wedding category page a new look, and gives you the option to see trends, wedding stories/advice, view registries (or create), and signup for their wedding newsletter.  So I decided to check it out, and see what this new registry is all about by creating a small sample registry.


The Process…

Very simple and fairly easy to use.  You start by entering you wedding date, and start adding items.  Items are sorted by categories still, similarly to a Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond registry.  They will show you a list of items, but you can also search for items just as you would anything else.  And all you have to do is hit the “add to registry” button right next to the “favorite” button.

What I Like… 

See out registry on Etsy

The embed banner, to place on a wedding blog or website.  Great to have so guests can find the registry, and they give you the code already linked to your registry.

The registry cards, so you can print them out and place them in your bridal shower invites.


I also like that you can keep your registry hidden until you are ready to make it public.  So you can customize your list as much as you like, and then share it with the world.  And last but not least, shipping!  Once someone purchases an item from your list, they can have it shipped to the address that you choose.


It’s a new feature, but it looks like it will be a good addition to the site.  I know I would have used it for my wedding.

What do you think, love/hate?  Would you use it?

Until next time…

Handmade Wedding

Hello all!

Ahh weddings, so happy and joyous!  It is time for the last post in my wedding series.  And I thought I’d stray from the long winded posts, and share lots pictures of great handmade wedding items that I’ve found.  Also sharing special little idea that my husband’s cousin came up with.

Customize your wedding with these lovely Kraft Labels
Kraft Labels by Pigeonpaperie on Etsy
Need a little something special for the new bride and groom to eat with?
Wedding Fork Set by PrettyParis on Etsy
How about an awesome cake topper?  I think this is a must have!
Custom Peg Doll Cake Toppers by CreativeButterflyXOX on Etsy
For those wishing to have some photo fun, these handmade photo props are a must!
Photo Prop set by Funnysideoflife on Etsy
And why not say “Just Married” in a fun way
Hand Painted Custom Parasol by kmattso2 on Etsy
Now on to the very special idea that’ll leave you both with great suggestions, tasks, and loving messages.
It’s a note box filled with messages from all of your bridal shower guests.
Here is how it works!
Get a box of envelopes and some cardstock or construction paper.  Then cut them small enough to fit in the envelope.  My hubby’s cousin turned the box inside out and taped it, but for my best friend I just covered it with some Kraft wrapping paper.  Once that is done you can decorate it however you like.
The next steps are simple.  Give each person a pen, paper, and envelope.  Have them write anything they want on their card.  We had special messages, words of wisdom, tasks for us to do, and even some movie passes!  You then tell each guest to seal their envelopes, and write a date on the outside of the envelope that is between the day of the wedding to that date of the following year.
Now you are left with a year of special notes and things to do.  The best part is you never know what it is going to be.  We’ve had so much fun opening ours, and even my hubby has been excited to open them!
This would be a great idea for a baby shower as well, a great way to leave a new mother with lots of advice!

A DIY Wedding Part 2

Hello again!

Time for part 2 of my DIY madness!  Last time I shared a little about how out of control weddings can be, but this time I thought I’d talk about how great they can be!  Getting married has always meant something special to me.  It’s always been something I’ve dreamed of, and I believe it shows a bond between two people that is stronger than any other.  I’ve always felt that getting married means you have a partner in crime for life!  And that you have someone who is always there to pick you up, have fun with, and support you through life’s obstacles.  I was blessed to have grown up with a great example marriage, My Parents!  Last Monday my parents celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary.  Yes, 47 years…with 4 children, 4 grandchildren, and more to come once the hubby and I have babies!  I pray that every day that my marriage is as long and as wonderful as my parents has been.
So enough of my rambling…time for the good stuff!  The rest of my projects included Decorations/Favors, my Hair Accessory, and my Guestbook.  *lots of pictures in this post*
The Decorations/Favors
Small cylinder vases

I really think that this was the favorite part of all of my projects.  I knew I’d be making decorations for my wedding, so I started planning those right away and I decided to do my centerpieces and backdrop.  We invited around 200 guests (I was freaking out at this number), but had 120 accept (was much happier with this!).  So for our 16 tables and long head table I bought a mixture of 23 vases from the Dollar Tree; larger vases that flared out slightly at the top, and small cylinder vases for all the guest tables.  I also bought floating candles online and along with the flowers I mentioned in Part 1, I also got stems of lily grass.  We filled the small vases with water, several stems of lily grass, and placed floating candles on top.  Those went on each table, one for our memory candle, and one on the cake table.  I used a couple of the larger vases on the head table and placed flowers in them.
Est. Time: Centerpieces- Vases w/candles 30-40 mins (depending on water pressure haha). 

Behind the head table we also had a backdrop, and this was my favorite project!  I searched online to find a tutorial on how to make your own backdrop.  I found one for a photographer backdrop, and just tweaked the measurements a little.  To make it I got 4- 1 in. x 10 ft. PVC pipes, several fittings, and then got to cutting.  It ended up being about 6.5 ft tall, and 10 ft wide.  For the the fabric, I got 4 sheer curtain panels, one long curtain scarf, and lots of tulle.  And the light were free, I just used my folks Christmas lights.  I had my aunt help me assemble the poles, and then I went to work on wrapping the side poles with tulle.  I put on the sheers and cut holes along the top in certain places to attach the lights to the pole.  You can sort of see why I wanted a backdrop, because there was a door behind us that led to a storage room.  So if you were looking at us from the front, which most of our guests were, I wanted the door to be gone!  Altogether, I think I spent about $40 on the whole backdrop.
Est. Time: Backdrop Cutting & Initial Assembly-1.5 hours; Event Day Assembly w/decorations-45 mins or less.  

Backdrop all lit up!

The Hair Accessory

After looking around for the perfect veil and finding out that it was going to cost me over $100.  I said “Umm, no!” and moved on.  The next thing I found was this beautiful hair piece that had crystals made to look like flowers, and it was just sparkly and gorgeous!  Still it was expensive, and I chose not to get it.  So I thought, “I’ll make my own.”  In the end I’m much happier that I did, because a veil would have been out of place.  The flower just went better with my dress and our setting, since we had our ceremony and reception in the same place.  I purchased ivory satin, a hair comb, and some faux crystals to make my flower.  In the end, I spent about $20 at the most on my hair flower. Est. Time: 2.5 hours.

The Guest Book

There were so many unique ideas I found for guest books, but I decided to stay somewhat traditional with our book.  I chose to do a photo guest book with pictures my best friend took of the hubby and I.  To make the book I tried out an online service called Picaboo.  I downloaded their program, inserted my pictures, added some pages for guest names, and put in some cute little quotes.  Loved it!  What’s even better is that Picaboo now offers lay flat pages, wish they had them last year but oh well.  
Est. Time: All day haha…I’m a perfectionist so this one took me a while to get it right.  May take several hours, depending on the detail.

So those are basically all the projects I did for my wedding.  I thought I’d show you pictures of some other little projects, and our simple yet lovely cake (did not DIY the cake as planned, thank god!!).
Est. Time: Painted Initials-3 hours; Flower Girl Pom-2.5 hours.

hand painted initials
handmade flower girl pom

Hope you enjoyed my DIY wedding.  Did you have one of your own? Or would you like me to do a tutorial on a certain project? Let me know, I love comments!

A DIY Wedding Part 1

Happy Summer!

This is the second post in the mini wedding series.  I’m a little excited about this one because I get to show you all one of the best day of my life.  My Wedding!  It was about 85-90% DIY.  Meaning I was the coordinator, I ran the rehearsal, and I did all the projects from the invitations to the flowers (but had some amazing help with them).  I have to admit when I first started out with the idea of a DIY wedding I was a little bit scared, but mostly excited.  I knew that in the end I would have a great event to show people, and I could say that “I did that!”  During the process I was a bit stressed out, ok…maybe more than a bit, but it all came together.  And in the end I was happy, and it was the best day ever.

I feel like some people think that just because other individuals and celebrities are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their weddings, means that they have to spend a lot to get the wedding they want.  And that doesn’t just apply to weddings.  I believe that any event no matter how big or small can be achieved, even on a smaller budget.  Because really why is there a need to spend $100k on a wedding?  I heard that Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry is CRAZY!  And that she registered for an item that costs $7,500.  That one item is almost as much as what my wedding cost.

So here is a glimpse of my “big day,” and a look at the projects I worked on to keep my wedding under $10k.  Today you’ll see the Invites, Paper Goods, and Flowers.

The Invites

handmade single pocket fold on the right

I took on the challenge of making my own invites for the wedding.  I designed the invites, enclosures, and monogram myself!  I knew that I wanted pocket fold invites, and nothing less.  So I searched for the cheapest place, and found something I liked.  However, it was still more than I wanted to pay.  But I made a compromise!  I bought half my invites in pocket fold (about 40), and the other half I decided to make into a panel pocket fold.  I got enough matching paper in 8.5 x 11 inches, and got to cutting.  After all the cuts and glue dots were done, I had all my pocket folds!  Success.  I am normally a very disorganized person, but during this process that changed.  On the back of my RSVP’s I numbered them according to the household on my list, so that if they forgot to list names I could call them.  I also separated the invites into categories depending on how many people were in each household (as shown below), because for each family I numbered each RSVP with the number of reserved seats.  It was a long process to get to this point, but was very helpful in the end.

my organized invites

The Paper Goods

So after making my invites, I was pretty much the layout Queen!  So I decided to take on the task of making my own programs, and seating arrangements.  For the programs I purchased 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock, and designed them so I could get 2 programs out of every sheet.  Another success!  I was able to fit all of the desired information on each half sheet.  I also took little elements from my invites and placed them on the program.

The seating was another issue.  I had to make sure that there was no drama!  So I had to have a seating chart.  Once I knew what tables everyone was assigned to, I got a pack of pre-scored and perforated seating cards.  I then laid out all the names in a template and printed.  Once that was done I placed either orange or purple embellishments on the cards so that our servers knew what our guests were having.  Below you can the finished cards.  They were all in alphabetical order, and behind them I had a sign that started with “Take A Seat.”

The Flowers

I think that my flowers were my favorite project!  I was going to be charged by a florist between $20-29 for my 6 bridesmaids, and my bouquet.  That adds up, and fast!  So I looked online to see where I could get the cheapest flowers, and if anyone recommended them.  I found 2 places that would ship my flowers overnight so that they would be fresh.  It was recommended that they be delivered about 2-3 days before the event.  I had mine delivered on the Wednesday before my wedding.  When they arrived I freaked out a bit.  Because it did not look like 200+ stems I ordered!  But it was…in fact I had extra.  In the end, they were beautiful!  So for the same price the florist was going to charge me for 7 bouquets, I was able to do all 7 bouquets, a toss bouquet, 11 boutineers, and fill a few vases with the flowers I ordered.  Big Success!
And a few pictures of the finished product below.

Well that is all for today.  In the next post I’ll be showing my projects for the Decorations and Favors, my Hair Accessory, and the Guestbook.

Stay Tuned!

Would you like me to post on how I did a certain project? Or maybe you had your own DIY event.  Let me know, I love comments!