DIY Clay Coasters

Hi Y’all!

So last year…I know “what do you mean last year?”…well I just never got around to posting this project.  But last year I was trying new things, and decided to make some coasters.  So while strolling through the store I managed to pick up those small clay bottoms to flower pots in the garden section, some Mod Podge Matte, small felt circles.  I also got some cute fabric remnants so that they don’t look so boring.  I also wanted to paint so I mixed up some paint that I had lying around the house.
And here is what I came up with:
What you’ll need:
Clay flower pot bottoms (small)
Pretty fabric
Mod Podge Matte
small felt circles w/adhesive backs
Paint brushes
Also a can of acrylic sealer would be best to make these last.
To start, take your fabric and place it face down in your coaster to measure out a circle and trace it.  Or you can use paper to make a guide and then trace your fabric.
Next, paint your coaster in your desired color.  Let it dry, paint the bottom, then repeat to get a nice even coat of color.  You may want to let the paint set overnight and finish the rest the next day.  But I didn’t because I’m impatient/anxious when it comes to my projects.  I just need to know how it will look!
But anyway, after the paint is dry take out the mod podge and coat the inside of  the coaster.  Then lay your fabric down and smooth out any bubbles.
 Let that dry completely, and then put a layer of mod podge over your fabric.  Let that dry and the repeat with another layer.
After everything is completely dry which could take a few hours, spray it with your acrylic spray and attach 4 of those little felt circles to the bottom.
I have to say even though this project takes a little while to complete because of the air drying, it is worth it in the end.  We still use these around the house everyday.  Although, mine still show a ring when water sets inside of it as if there were glue there.  But it is not wet or sticky, it just shows up and leaves once the water is gone and it drys.  So maybe I didn’t use enough sealer or something, but they still work great.
Let me know if you try it out, I’d love to see what you come up with.
Until next time…